Wuxi Xinzhongrui Baby Supplies Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and distributor of the famous Brand “NCVI” products in China, located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu province.
We are professional manufacturer and exporter of feeding supplies such as bottle sterilizer, bottle warmer, breast pump and other baby products. With our advanced management system, we are able to standardize the whole production process to guarantee product quality for every customer.
With our 6 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing baby care products, our products are in the leading position of the feeding supply industry. Most of our goods are exported to Europe, Asia and other countries. Welcome to visit us.
2015-05-25 NCVI at PLMA Fair in Holland
  The new shellfish participated in the Holland manufacturing exhibition, for entering the European market to do a good bedding, and to the international market has taken an important step. "Feeding is…
2015-05-25 NCVI at Canton Fair in Guangzhou
  2015, the new Bei lucky hand in hand in Canton, to understand the market dynamics, broaden the international route, strengthen trade development, the new baby mother to baby products pushed to the int…
2015-05-07 July 2011 Shanghai Exhibition
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